Tallahassee Roof Inspections


Are there 3 or 5 years remaining?

If YES then we will ensure there are no minor roof problems that require immediate attention.  A roof inspection will be created with pictures documenting the remaining life of the shingles.  A cost of a new roof will be estimated as well as a cost to service any deficiencies found.

Insurance report with useful life is $135.00

If NO then we will just gladly give this information verbally.  There is no charge for this roof inspection service as an insurance letter would not be necessary.

The only time we apply a fee is for the drafting a report for the insurance.

Our 12-Point Roof Inspection Includes:

  1. Inspect to determine what type of roof system is currently installed.
  2. Calculate for proper attic intake & exhaust ventilation.
  3. Inspect roofing surfaces for signs of wear and damage.
  4. Inspect roof for missing shingles and ridge caps.
  5. Spot check shingle seal strips for proper adhesion.
  6. Inspect shingles for proper overhangs at roof edges.
  7. Inspect roof for any nail pops or holes.
  8. Inspect roof pipe boots for proper fitment and wear.
  9. Inspect chimneys and walls for proper flashing conditions.
  10. Inspect valleys for deterioration and proper installation.
  11. Inspect roof decking for any soft/weak spots.
  12. Inspect gutters and downspouts for any blockages.






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