New Roof Tallahassee


Does your listing have an old roof?

We don’t have to tell you about curb appeal.
Have you noticed the average home with a medium pitched roof has about 30-40% visible roof from the street?

Here are a few ideas that have helped sell listings:

Install roof before listing on MLS:

Have us install the new roof on behalf of the sellers and take a huge dilemma off of the prospective buyers. Most consumers are very scared of having to install a new roof system.

Buyers choice:

Show the listing with “Pick your roof” as a selling feature.  Depending on your tactic, this could add some appeal.  A more knowledgeable buyer may appreciate changing colors or upgrading products.

Pay @ Closing:

Adding value to your sales tool belt. If your seller is low on out-of-pocket spending we can help.  We will extend our roof replacement invoice due date to 30-days.  This gives you the opportunity to land a deal and pay for the roof at the closing table.

We are here to reinforce your reputation.





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